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Princess Margaret RNA Medicine Core

Igniting RNA Potential

Welcome to the Princess Margaret RNA Medicine Core

RNA Nanomedicine is a rapidly evolving field that combines RNA technology with nanotechnology to develop innovative therapeutics for a wide range of diseases. RNA-based therapies are particularly promising due to their specificity and versatility, as well as their ability to target disease at the molecular level. RNA nanotechnology involves the design and synthesis of RNA molecules for the development of therapeutic agents and diagnostic tools. The use of RNA nanotechnology has grown exponentially in recent years, as RNA-based therapies have demonstrated potential to treat diseases more effectively than traditional approaches.

The Princess Margaret RNA Medicine Core is dedicated to providing access to cost-effective and high quality RNA medicine services. The PM RNA Core has solutions for a broad range of experimental needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert team of scientists and engineers collaborate with academic and industry partners to develop and test new RNA-based therapeutic strategies. Our specialties include RNA, ionizable lipid, siRNA-LNP and mRNA-LNP synthesis, data analysis and consulting.


Through this website, you can learn more about our facility, our team, and the services we provide. Whether you are interested in designing and synthesizing RNA molecules, performing in vitro and in vivo studies, or developing RNA-based therapeutic strategies, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your research goals. If you are looking for a service that you don’t see on our website, inquire!

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